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Goat farming india
We are in goat farming and breeding since 1996 and having great flock of pureline goats breed does. If someone is interested please contact immediately to get excellent quality breedable goats we are a consultant comp having our own goat farms.we provide services like develop your own goat farm and help you selecting right breed of goat for your benifite with guidesnce of how to provide basic living sheds for goats,ratio between male and female,fodder propation, area required for vegetation,kids management,vaccination,provideing insurance of goat,help you to get medical and guidance from husbandry dpt. out in gatting govt. subsidy
Here are the few advantages of beetal Breed
1- These goats are native of beetal which enjoys its border with pakistan; beetal has similar type of climate as some parts of panjab and haryana. These goats are also showing a very good performance in all the state as per the survey conducted by Krishi Vigyan Kedra. We are dealing weekly 20-30 inquiries from Oman and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain which are more than 3000 Km from Haryana, Punjab, U.P, Rajasthan and all Southern & Central States regarding this Breed .
2- beetal goat shows a very efficient reproductive performance and resistance against diseases not only in well managed semi stall feeding system but also in severe drought conditions. As per research conducted by PARI on beetal Goats in panjab
3- The age at the first kidding is around 15 months with the lactation length of around 130 days. The dressing percentage varies from 55- 60%. In favorable conditions one will breed twice a year, twinning is very common and the milk yield ranged from 1.5kg to 2.5gm.
4- From 30 kg live weight, you will get 18 kg of meat. In this 12 kg loss is due to non edible part of meat like Viscera, Hide, etc.
5- The leather of beetal goat is fairly of good quality and its meat is preferred by majority of the

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